Visit from the owls was a ‘hoot’!

Last week, the friendly owls of Soft Landing Animal Aid Association flew in for a visit to see the residents of Hamble Heights.

Residents were able to stroke and appreciate these magnificent birds up close; including a Barn Owl called Luna, a White-Faced Scops Owl called Gizmo and a 12 week old Chacho Owl named Misty.

The owls even made room visits on every floor to see residents.  For some, it triggered the recollection of having budgies as a child, or seeing owls around where they used to live in the countryside as they were growing up.

Activities Coordinator, Vanessa Duggan said, “You could see the residents’ faces light up when the owls came into the room.  The residents became so animated with them!  It has made a real difference to their day and seeing them smile and stroke the owls was fantastic.”