Palliative Care

We listen to your wishes and are here to support you and your loved ones. Palliative care is for those who are in the last months or years of life. If you, or your loved one has an incurable illness, palliative care manages the pain and other afflicting symptoms.

Our end of life care enables us to help you, or your loved one to live as comfortably as possible and to ensure, without compromise, that you, or your loved one passes away with respect and dignity.

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“All the staff were always friendly and caring”

“All the staff were always friendly and caring and did their best in looking after my mother treating her with compassion, respect and dignity.”

Brian, Son of Encore resident

Holistic Approach

We listen to your wishes and preferences and take these into account when working with you, or your loved one to create a care plan that is unique to the individual.

We believe in a holistic approach, which involves not only physical support but also psychological, social and spiritual support for the resident, as well as their family.

Planning for end of life

Anyone can plan for their future care, whether they are ill or not. However, if you, or your loved one has a terminal illness, it can be comforting and reassuring to make plans together for end of life care.

This is sometimes called advance care planning and helps to talk about your wishes for how you, or your loved one are taken care of in the final months of life.

Some degenerative conditions mean that communication can become very hard towards the end, therefore, by planning for end of life care, your decisions and feelings about your future can be listened to and planned for.

Specialists in end of life care

We have care teams who are specially trained to provide end of life care with the utmost respect and dignity for our residents. Encore care homes appoint Leads in End of Life Care to ensure there are always experts on-hand to deliver the highest standard of care to those in the final months of their lives.

Things to consider when thinking about you, or your loved one’s end of life:

  • Advance statement – Sets out your preferences, wishes, beliefs and values for future care. More Information
  • Advance decision to refuse treatment – Advises your healthcare team of your wishes if you are unable to communicate them in the future. More Information
  • Making a Will – Allows you to decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death. More Information
  • Lasting power of attorney – You can officially appoint someone you trust to make decisions for you when you are not able to. More Information

Encore ensures the following aspects of end of life care are always delivered:

Physical care:
  • All cultural and religious preferences are observed and assisted
  • Ensure resident is always comfortable
  • Nutritional meals provided and advice adhered to from a qualified nutritionist
  • Regular refreshing drinks and mouth swabs
  • Pain management plan for every terminally ill resident
  • Care staff trained and supervised in palliative care processes
Holistic care
  • Privacy and dignity maintained at all times
  • Resident’s wishes respected
  • Staff work in partnership with relatives and friends
  • All cultural and religious preferences are observed and assisted
  • Support offered to both relatives and staff who had a close relationship with the deceased
  • Vacant rooms offered to families staying overnight with loved ones in their final days at no cost
  • Care staff receive supervision and emotional support to help them provide a high standard of care
  • The resident is not isolated from interacting with other residents unless it is their wish to be alone

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