Key Information

What care do you offer?

Each of our care homes offers residential, dementia and nursing care. We understand the needs of our residents may change during their stay, so we will do everything we can to adapt the care and support given, enabling residents to remain in the home they have chosen for as long as possible.

This may necessitate a change of bedroom within the home but this is something we will discuss with you prior to any move.

What facilities do Encore Care Homes have?

Each of our homes are slightly different and details of facilities can be found on our website. Additional information can be provided by the Home Relationship Manager at your home of choice.

Do you have specific visiting times?

We do not have specific visiting times and we encourage the participation of families and friends in the lives of residents.

Can my loved one bring in personal possessions?

We encourage residents to bring in personal items to decorate their bedrooms so they feel at home. If you wish to bring in furniture, please discuss this with the Home Manager, as it will need to pass health and safety standards.

All electrical items will be tested for compliance with current regulations by our maintenance team and any item that does not pass unfortunately cannot remain in the home.

Do you accept pets?

If a resident wishes to bring their pet to live with them at one of our care homes, this can be agreed at the discretion of the Home Manager. Please discuss with them prior to moving in.

What are your staffing arrangements?

All residents are assessed prior to admission, which helps us to determine the initial level of care and support required. In addition to this, we regularly review the needs of residents and when collated, this information helps us to determine appropriate staffing levels within each home.

As residents’ needs change, we adjust our staffing accordingly in conjunction with clinical input from the nursing and care team. In addition to considering the numbers of our team,
we also look at the skills required to care for residents and ensure that all team members have the training and supervision required to enable them to deliver the best possible care.

What kind of funding do you accept?

We accept funding from Local Authorities and the NHS, as well as funding from those paying for their own care. In some cases, funding available from Local Authorities may require a third-party contribution in order to meet our fees. Please speak to the Home Relationship Manager at your home of choice for more information.

For additional advice on funding care fees, please see our downloadable guides.

Do you charge any upfront fees?

There are no administrative charges or deposits required. On admission, we take payment for the days remaining in the month plus a month in advance to allow time for on-going invoicing to be set up. Please speak to the Home Relations Manager in your home of choice for more details.

For respite or short term stays, payment is taken for the whole stay on the date of admission to the home.

Is there a trial period?

Permanent residents are provided with a four week trial period which you have the right to cancel with 48 hours written notice to the Home Manager.

Can my loved one be asked to leave the home?

In rare circumstances, we may ask a resident to leave, for example where we cannot meet the resident’s needs or when fees have remained unpaid for a period of time.

When do fees increase?

Fees are increased annually and we will provide you with 28 days notice of any change. Fees may also increase at any time if the care needs of a resident change and they require additional support. We will discuss this with you prior to any change.

For further information, please contact the Home Relations Manager at your home of choice.

Do you require a guarantor for the payment of fees?

We require a guarantor for all contracts where the resident is funded privately. You should take advice and understand the commitment you are making prior to signing as a guarantor.