Encore Care Academy launches to tackle the healthcare recruitment challenge

Encore Care Homes has launched its pioneering new healthcare training academy, Encore Care Academy, to solve the challenge of recruiting staff in the care sector.

The national issue of recruiting in care is one of the industry’s greatest challenges. The Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE) reported that the turnover rate within social care is 31%, compared to the UK average across all employment sectors of 15%. The vacancy rate is also high at 8% compared to the UK average across all sectors of 3%:
“The perceived low status, pay, training and in-work support affect recruitment and retention in adult social care. In some roles, there’s also little opportunity for career progression, which makes it more difficult to attract and retain staff that have the right skills and values.”

The King’s Fund report highlighted in People Management Magazine:
“Many of the providers we spoke to identified difficulties in recruiting and retaining an adequate workforce, fuelled by a perceived unattractiveness and the low status of care work, which in turn relates to poor pay levels and job security”.

Encore Care Academy was borne from the core principle to provide everyone with the opportunity and facilities to improve their skills, careers, earning capability, and self-worth. The Care Academy presents a distinct career pathway that defines a job in care as a real and profitable career choice. Its structured learning paths allow individuals to develop their skill set and gain additional qualifications. The Care Academy supports learning and development and presents its members with the route to progress and achieve a competitive salary in a meaningful role.

Encore Care Academy is open to everyone all year round. Mikkel Togsverd, Managing Director at Encore Care Homes says: “Care is often thought of as an industry where you cannot progress. However, if you look at our senior management team, myself included, we have all worked frontline and have worked our way up. At Encore Care Academy, our focus is to provide staff with opportunities for progression and personal development. This could be following a distinct career pathway in care and working their way up from Healthcare Assistant to Home Manager. Or they might wish to follow a journey that builds their confidence, knowledge, and proficiency; supporting them to become the best that they can be in their chosen role.”

Encore Care Academy provides a full induction to equip team members with critical skills development through a blended learning environment, including face-to-face training sessions, workshops, e-learning and supported on-the-job mentoring.

The innovative learning and development training programme at Encore Care Homes currently has 36 staff members enrolled in apprenticeships, including Level 2 Adult Care Worker, Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker, and Level 4 Lead Practitioner in Adult Care Apprenticeships.

For more information about Encore Care Academy and the career opportunities at Encore Care Academy, go to www.encorecareacademy.co.uk