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Proud to be selected by Southampton University

Hamble Heights was audited by Southampton University last year, which is a very vigorous process. They are exceedingly particular about where they place their students, so we are very proud that we have been selected for Southampton University’s student nurse placement programme…

Balloon Animals!

Well who doesn’t love a good game with a balloon?!  Ju Ju, the resident West Highland puppy at Hamble Heights, enjoyed plenty of fun with the balloons at the recent National Care Home Open Day…

Dementia Awareness Week

This year during Dementia Awareness Week, the Alzheimer’s Society is encouraging anyone who worried about dementia to confront their concerns and get in touch.  At Hamble Heights, we have been raising the profile of Dementia Awareness Week within the care home in our own way by creating a music video….!

Sweets for my sweet…

Hamble Heights has its very own traditional sweet shop cart!  Filled with classic sweets such as Jelly Beans, Lemon Sherbets and Dolly Mixtures, the fabulous new candy cart has been loving restored and re-painted to make a wonderful addition to the home.

Clowning Around

Activities Coordinator, Vanessa, has been ‘clowning around’ at Hamble Heights, bringing lots of smiles to our residents’ faces….


Pumpkin Power!

There were spooky goings-on at Hamble Heights last weekend when this Lollypop Pumpkin appeared in reception….!

Every Little Helps!

We know that it’s often the small things that can make the biggest difference to the lives of our residents.  This week Hamble Heights had a special visitor from Tesco.  Louise, Community Champion, very kindly donated an entire crate of brand new books for our residents!

Diamonds are Forever!

Happy Diamond Wedding Anniversary to Kathleen and Gerry!