Dementia Care

The most important aspect of dementia care is that it should first and foremost be personal.

We get to know each resident’s past and their present to create a Care Plan as individual as they are. We consider your loved one’s care needs whilst respecting preferences, lifestyle, interests and routines.

Another crucial element of dementia care is providing a familiar, safe environment that eradicates frustrations and puts you at ease. Encore homes are purpose-built to be dementia-friendly from every aspect – from the layout of the building to sensitive décor and interior design.

To ensure our home feels right, we offer respite care to give residents a chance to enjoy a short stay with us. We want residents and their loved ones to feel comfortable and at home. As such, we invite residents to stay for 4 weeks but only pay for 3; providing a chance for residents to settle and get to know friendly faces. 

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“Our experience has been excellent”

“The quality of care and standards of the facility provides us with the confidence that my father's time at the home will be a happy and healthy one.”

Elliott, Son of Encore resident

What is Dementia?

Dementia occurs when the brain is affected by a disease. It is not a natural part of ageing; however, the chance of developing dementia increases significantly with age. There are more than 100 known causes of dementia. The most known types are Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia.

Living with Dementia

We understand that a person living with dementia needs an environment where they feel safe and comfortable.

We encourage all residents to bring their own possessions, mementos and photos to help trigger happy memories. At the entrance of each bedroom there are purpose-built memory boxes for residents to display some of these items.

Holistic approach

Our care team take the time to understand what each person’s personal needs are and create a care plan specifically for them.

Dementia affects the entire person – mind, body, emotions and spirit. So, all activities are designed to have a therapeutic and mentally stimulating influence, and we encourage those living with dementia to actively get involved.

Innovative Dementia Training

Understanding the impact dementia can have on someone is imperative to providing better quality care to our residents living with dementia.

Therefore, we decided to offer specially designed training not only to our teams but also to residents’ relatives and local healthcare professionals.

Take a sneak peak into the fantastic dementia training we offer in this video.

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