Who’s that Chick!?

The moment you’ve all been waiting for….the Easter chicks have been named in our Name that Chick Flick competition, which asked our residents and their families to come up with names for the hens of Hamble Heights.

After a brilliant number of suggestions, we drew the winners out of a hat and the chosen names for our 6 chicks are:

  • Chiquita   (John, 2nd floor)
  • Gloria      (Pam, Ground Floor)
  • Goldie     (Richard, 2nd Floor)
  • Ermetrude (Joyce, Ground Floor)
  • Zsa Zsa   (Peggy, Ground Floor)
  • Marilyn (Maureen, Ground Floor)


Congratulations to our winners!  It’s lovely to be able to call the hens by their own name now… (even though they all come running no matter what name we call!)

(Chiquita is pictured)