Our Mission and Values

The most important part of an Encore home is its residents.

Our purpose at Encore is to enrich the lives of residents by offering a place of safety, care and companionship.

No two people are the same and our distinctive and responsive individual care plans reflect the outstanding personalised care that Encore gives its residents.

Encore provides exceptional expert care across all of our homes – in all five types of senior care needs; dementia, nursing, residential, respite and palliative care.

Striving for outstanding

Encore designs, builds and manages its own care homes. They are operated by only the kindest and most committed professionals in care. Encore strives for outstanding in everything it is involved in. Part of its vision and strategy is to build strong, innovative partnerships with NHS healthcare experts to ensure Encore remains at the forefront of clinical excellence and provides the highest standards of care.

The highly qualified, dedicated care teams are specialists in each area of elderly care. Encore’s distinctive and responsive individual care plans reflect not only the resident’s care needs but also their unique character and preferences.

Offering residential, nursing and Dementia / Alzheimer’s care means that residents do not have to endure the disruption of moving to another care home should their care requirements change over time. Relatives and residents can be comforted in the knowledge that they would be able to stay in friendly, safe and familiar surroundings. Encore provides the following types of care:

  • Residential care
  • Nursing care
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
  • Short-term respite care
  • Palliative care

Our mission and vision


Caring about everyone and everything we do.


Encore’s objective centres on three main statement areas:

Care Mission
Providing the best, unique care in state of the art, purpose built homes.

Team Mission
To have a happy, skilled and responsive team.

Community Mission
Sharing our learning and resources to support our local communities.


Encore’s company values emanate from team members, relatives and residents, as it was vital that the values resonating with those that are in the home every day.

A series of workshops took place within Encore homes. The groups established that values such as dignity, respect, safety, kindness and care all form the foundation of Encore and these are values that our residents and families should absolutely expect and which we are committed to delivering without compromise every day. We wanted to establish a set of values that ascertained what ‘home’ really means to those that live and work in Encore care homes. The words chosen by staff, residents and relatives represented the most important elements that the focus groups agreed must be present in a home.

The most popular and meaningful words were selected that denote the happiness of our residents and our care teams. We are very proud of the Encore values, which are as follows:

Be Part of a Family

Love, protect and support each member of our extended family. Always offer a shoulder to lean on and a friendly ear to comfort.

Be Creative

Make every person feel unique. Listen to them, learn about them. Find thoughtful and imaginative ways to connect with each individual.

Be Joyful

Create a ripple of happiness with your smile. Find inspiration to be cheerful every day – it will warm someone’s heart and bring a smile to their face.

Be Spontaneous

Embrace the impulses and the laughter. Take every opportunity to enjoy each moment.

A community dementia resource

As a dementia resource, we are passionate about supporting the local community. By sharing our knowledge of dementia and helping others to understand the condition further, we in turn, support their loved ones living with the condition.

There is more to dementia than memory loss. Dementia deprives all the senses and can severely affect vision, hearing and touch. As such, it can create a world of confusion, anxiety and fear. Encore provides Virtual Dementia Tour events. It is the only medically and scientifically proven method for a healthy brain to encounter what life is truly like for mid-range Alzheimer’s patients. This interactive training is an important element in Encore’s essential staff training programme. The Virtual Dementia Tour has been experienced by over 500,000 people worldwide and enables
caregivers to identify with and better understand the behaviours and needs of those in their care. As such, every member of the Encore takes part in this experience.

We also invite local healthcare professionals and the community to take the Virtual Dementia Tour with us for free. This valuable training offers professionals an advanced insight into dementia. In addition, we extend this ground-breaking experience to the relatives and friends of residents; helping those whose loved ones are affected by dementia to understand the condition more by experiencing the symptoms first-hand. Encore care homes offer the local community the opportunity to have their eyes sincerely opened to the impact of dementia.

GP Local surgery

The experience was astounding. I will never look at another dementia patient in the same way again

The Way Ahead

Encore believes in the proof of effectiveness and building strong, innovative partnerships with healthcare experts to ensure it remains at the forefront of the latest advancements in care.


A joint venture with Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals (RBCH) NHS Foundation Trust has helped to secure NHS services on the Christchurch site by offering care opportunities for the community. This unique partnership with the RBCH means that whether more dedicated and personalised care is required or whether the convenience and peace of mind of an apartment surrounded by fantastic facilities is needed; the local community has incomparable choices for healthier and happier living.

AHH (Affordable Housing & Healthcare Group)

Established in 1998, AHH is a leading alternative asset-based investment manager with a focus on affordable housing and healthcare in the elderly sector. AHH invests funds directly into real estate development and social infrastructure via two highly effective businesses: Encore Care Homes and Platinum Skies Retirement Living.

Creating wonderful communities and exceptional value is at the heart of AHH. The business vertically integrates investment management, property development and specialist elderly care. This unique commercial equilibrium delivers beautiful new environments and great value for everyone. From concept to construction to care provision, the customers’ wellbeing and wealth is paramount. Every day AHH strives to make truly affordable, life-affirming places where people choose to visit, are proud to work and want to live.

AHH builds new communities in locations where investment in social infrastructure has the potential to deliver secure, sustainable annuity. The goal is to create wonderful places that make peoples’ lives better whilst delivering long-term economic value and growth.

Local Authorities

Encore builds strong relationships with Local Authorities. It works closely with them to help provide beds to those that are in need of personalised, private care. Encore works in partnership with Local Authorities to find the best locations to design and build new care homes. Encore liaises with them to establish the areas where there is a demand for care and to generate employment with vast number of new jobs in care.


Encore has a £250 million strategic development partnership with Welltower Inc. to facilitate the delivery of long term care excellence through Encore Care Homes. The partnership perfectly aligns our organisations’ belief that by placing customer needs at the heart of our businesses, we can create life-affirming places to take care of the generations which hitherto cared for us, whilst delivering long-term economic value and growth.

The partnership will leverage Welltower’s global scale and expertise with Encore’s regional knowledge, development experience and operational excellence to deliver safe and secure returns through a commitment to the long-term creation of new, first class healthcare communities.

Growing demand, driven by an ageing population and the current shortage of quality elderly care facilities provides a remarkable opportunity. Encore is unique in having developed elderly healthcare properties in joint venture with the NHS. The Encore-Welltower partnership will bolster the delivery of new care homes across the South of England and make a worthwhile contribution to solving the UK’s elderly care crisis.

Bournemouth University

Encore has strong links with the Ageing Dementia Research Centre (ADRC) to develop brand new training programmes and research studies for managing and delivering care to those living with dementia. Members of the Encore team have been involved in helping to develop a training programme for nutrition and hydration in dementia care. We implement the knowledge gained from working with the ADRC on its nutrition and hydration project into all Encore homes. Encore is also involved in a study by ADRC to understand whether or not the training of upper body muscles has an effect on balance, functional mobility, posture and breath in healthy older adults. The results from this research will help to inform our staff in all Encore homes so that we remain at the forefront of best practice in elderly care.