A Tale of Two Johns

Finding fun and friendship at Encore Care Homes

The close friendship that exists between our residents and team is what sets us apart. The personal care and support we deliver is forged in these relationships. 

Encore Care Homes also provide the perfect setting for friendships to blossom between residents. A perfect example of this would be Fairmile Grange residents John Wills and John Evans.

Affectionately known as the ‘Two John’s’, they met at Fairmile Grange and bonded over a shared passion for quiz games and gardening. Both also suffered a stroke before becoming residents.

“My wife and my son who live locally were looking for a care home and chose Fairmile Grange, as they said this would be the best for me. It’s billed as a home from home and it is as far as I’m concerned. I have a very nice room and the staff are very good and friendly. They do everything to make you feel welcome and comfortable,” says former maths teacher John Evans, 81.

You’ve no worries here

The Two Johns soon became firm friends after dining together and taking part in the regular wellbeing activities at Fairmile Grange.

“I think we met at lunchtime. We used to meet during the activities in the morning and we do a lot of quizzes. I happen to be very good at quizzes! 

Friends are invaluable here, because we’re away from our family and you need friends to come visit and keep your morale up.

You’ve no worries here, the food is excellent and the rooms are comfortable. Fellow residents are very pleasant and you can easily make friends.

John and I have a lot in common, despite different backgrounds. We both have a good sense of humour and that counts for a lot,” added John Evans.

A laugh every day

Both enjoy spending time in the garden and look forward to participating with more active pursuits during their stroke rehabilitation.

“Yes I really like gardening and painting, though I’ve had to learn to use my left hand. When I’ve recovered sufficiently, I shall continue painting at my own home using my other hand. I have a physiotherapist once a week see my wife and family a lot in the visitor room. It’s very nice to see them,” says John Evans.

John Wills, 85 adds: “The carers here are very friendly and we have a laugh every day with the usual ribaldry.”