All the comforts of home

Our highly qualified, dedicated care teams are specialists in each area of elderly care.

We cater for people’s individual character and preferences as well as their changing needs – physically, mentally and emotionally. We can help individuals stay as independent as possible, however, we have our own nurses on duty around the clock, so we can also provide support if required, such as administering medications when it gets a little too much.

We carry out a mini “health MOT” every month to keep an eye on residents’ care and health. This includes monitoring blood pressure, weight, nutrition and hydration intake and just as importantly, how they are feeling through a wellbeing profile.

Traditional, home cooked meals

Healthy, appetising meals are such an important part of every day.

It’s imperative for to us to ensure that you not only have freshly cooked nutritional meals everyday but that the menus are continually varied.  Our professional chefs strive to create appetising, good looking dishes that you enjoy.  If your favourite dinner is homemade Cottage Pie (but it has to have a cheesy mash potato top, just like you used to make yourself), then our chefs will make it for you!

You are at home. So whether you fancy:

  • A special favourite dinner
  • To eat earlier or later
  • To eat in your room
  • Just a snack
  • Hot or cold food
  • A delicious piece of cake or pastry…

…Then it is never too much trouble!

Oakdale has private dining rooms, so that relatives and friends can have a family meal together with their loved one, just as they always have done.  The relaxed communal dining rooms are bright and airy and a lovely space to socialise with other residents at dinner.

No two days are the same at Oakdale!

We have a dedicated Wellbeing Team to create fantastic and engaging weekly programmes of activities that are tailored to your interests and preferences. We arrange trips out locally as well as arranging a wide range of activities in the home, including entertainers that we invite into the home; such as singers, dancers, musicians and aerobic movement instructors.

We strive to fulfil our strapline of “Together, making moments matter” for residents by listening to them and learning about them so that we can find thoughtful and imaginative ways to connect with every person. Whether you are an animal-lover, a keen gardener, a musician, or you enjoy arts and crafts. Maybe there is a past hobby you would like to do again, such as painting? Or perhaps you simply take pleasure in a nice cup of tea and a good chat…

We are devoted to bringing a smile to your face every day, whatever it takes.

We love having visitors!

Our doors are always open. At Encore homes we hold regular events that welcome the local community into the home, such as Open Days, charity events and themed celebrations.

At Encore, we enjoy working with the community and for the community. We have great links with the local schools and groups, who often visit to entertain and engage with our residents.

We strive to be a dementia resource for the community. As such, we run many free dementia awareness events for the relatives and friends of our residents; local healthcare professionals; and the communities in which we are situated.

Together, making moments matter

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