Wonderland at Hamble Heights!

We’ve had a number of exciting events recently at Hamble Heights, including taking part in National Care Home Open Day last month.

The Open Day on 19th June was a great success.  The Alice in Wonderland theme started the event with a ‘bang’, as staff at Hamble Heights dressed up for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to remember!  Supporting the UK wide initiative for a national care home open day, Hamble Heights welcomed everyone in our local community to drop in for a visit to celebrate an “Unbirthday” and discover what Hamble Heights and our culture of care is all about…

Tea, coffee and cake were served all day from the Tea Room with ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’ afternoon buffet for residents and relatives.  We also enjoyed a ‘White Rabbit Raffle’ and ‘Queen of Hearts Croquet’ in the garden.  Residents and staff were also entertained throughout the day with a variety of singers and music.

It was a wonderfully busy day (and everyone managed to ‘keep their heads’!)