Winning BBC Radio 2 story about dementia by 10 year old Clara

500 Words from BBC Radio 2 is a writing competition that was designed to encourage children to enjoy reading, writing and being creative.  It is now the most successful story-writing competitions for kids in the world!

Children can choose whatever subject or theme they would like and are asked to write an original story of 500 words or less about it.  If they win, their story is read live on the radio by a superstar celebrity.

This winning story was written by a 10 year old and is an extremely poignant and touching expression of her grandmother’s condition, who is living with dementia.  Told from both the points of view of herself and her granny, Clara Cowan’s story, called “The Sands of Time”, is heartfelt and gives an insight into the impact that dementia can have on the whole family.

Clara’s perception into how her granny might feel and how she processes her memories is truly touching and demonstrates a profound level of awareness about dementia.

We would like to share this piece of writing, which opens the mind and heart – and is sure to make a connection with those families that have a loved one also living with dementia.  Congratulations to Clara on her brilliant piece of writing….