What’s it like working for Encore?

Registered Nurse, Marie Ancsell, gives us the lowdown about what it is like working for Encore Care Homes…

The first thing I always notice when I walk into Hamble Heights, is its very attractive surroundings. This purpose-built home not only achieves the practical requirements to accommodate elderly residents and staff, but also brings a feeling of comfort with a welcoming ambience for all.

Working here feels less like a job and more of a pleasure. This is down to the very supportive team and warm ambience throughout. The staff are so passionate about what they do and how they provide the best care.

Taking time

Time is always the issue where healthcare is concerned. At Hamble Heights, time is made available – even during the busiest of shifts. We all pull together to provide the resident, the family members and visitors with all the time they might need. This is especially evident where end of life is concerned.

On the lower ground floor, there is an ice cream machine for the residents at all times. It’s a great way to stay hydrated in the hot weather (or if the resident has a sweet tooth!)  We can enjoy an ice cream with residents too!

Encore staff facilities

We have a comfortable seating and dining area for our staff breaks. There is a shower as well as a toilet, plus lockers and space to hang clothing.  We really appreciate these great facilities because this is not always the case at other establishments!   The home has been purpose-built not only for the comfort and care of the residents, but also with the staff in mind.  There is a staff kitchenette with microwave and tea/coffee facilities. It is where we greet our colleagues and check the rota, which is planned 3 weeks in advance. This is really helpful as it allows me to plan ahead and ensures a better work/life balance.  The Deputy Manager is very supportive with the off-duty rota; taking into consideration, all staff requests.

As a Registered Nurse (RN), I have the full support from Management as well as having a Unit Manager on each floor. The General Manager and Deputy Manager work very hard to support their nurses and regularly express their appreciation.

Clear communications

I particularly like the implementation of the Senior Care Assistant designated to each floor. At point of handover, I liaise with the Senior Care Assistant (SCA). This ensures clear communication throughout the team during the shift. The SCA ensures that the team is well supported and informed, taking into consideration the skill balance amongst care staff.

The SCA promotes the importance to all care staff about maintaining the required written documentation which relates to each individual’s care management at every shift.

This role has shown to provide the nurses with complete assurance that his/her care staff are effective. This enables us to divert full attention to our roles and specific duties as nurses.

Each floor has a Nurse Station which leads to a clinic room. This is where we house the drug trolley, stock and equipment. We take pride in maintaining these areas so that they are uncluttered, well stocked and clean.

Feeling supported at Encore

I feel further supported by a detailed daily handover sheet in the diary. There is also a communication book which lets me know who works part-time or returning from leave, so that I can make sure they are fully informed as they commence their shift.  The nurses liaise with one another and support where and when need arises.

There are daily meetings called “11 at 11” in the Manager’s office.  Nurses and Senior Care Assistants meet with all departments’ representatives. It’s here that important issues are discussed and staff are given the opportunity to raise a concern or communicate information.

Knowing I was able to give my best

There are so many more factors and benefits that I could mention which make working for Encore a pleasure. The bottom line is that I look forward to coming into work.  When the shift comes to end, I leave feeling satisfied that I was able to give my best to promote the highest standards of care possible.

No one person can do this alone. Together we achieve our objectives and we do it happily. We bring a sense of happiness, wellbeing and belonging to every resident in our care by working together like we do at Hamble Heights.

I have worked as a Registered Nurse for many years and being part of the team at Hamble Heights has restored my faith as a healthcare worker.  We achieve great things for those in our care – helping our residents to enjoy life to the fullest.

If you’d like to work for Encore, take a look at our current vacancies…