Time Capsule Competition

We had a very special Time Capsule event with the children from Kinson Primary School

The Competition

We worked with Kinson Primary School on a competition to win the chance to put their winning entries into a time capsule. We asked the children to write about their favourite memory with a grandparent, older relative or friend of the family. The teachers chose the best 6 entries and the winners joined us yesterday to put their special memories into a time capsule to be buried in the garden at Great Oaks for 100 years…

The Tour

Headteacher, Ms Bryan and Ms Lawson accompanied the children as they took a tour and learned about care homes.  We had a terrific morning with Ellie, Oli, Tia, Lucy, Cleo and Anisah, as well as the school’s own reporters who were doing a write up for the school paper!  They visited the salon, the spa bathroom and had a look at what a typical resident’s bedroom is like.  Each child took turns on the adjustable bed to see how it can be effortlessly raised and lowered to make residents more comfortable.

The Time Capsule

After a tour of the home, the children met the Deputy Mayor of Bournemouth and our resident, Ron. We all listened intently as they read out their winning entries about their favourite memories with grandparents and placed them into the time capsule.  The children were each given book tokens as a thank you for sharing their wonderful memories with us.
Activities Manager of Great Oaks, Sue Goktas, presented articles, books, photos and memories from the residents of Great Oaks and care team members who also wanted to put items into the time capsule.  Day Breaks resident Ron, presented the beautiful song that he wrote for his late wife, Catherine, and placed the musical composition in the time capsule to be preserved.

The Bake-off!

We celebrated with cookies and refreshments – as well as delicious brownies and a Victoria Sponge cake, which Tia very generously baked for everyone!  The children also got to meet resident Percy, who’s daughter works at Kinson Primary School.

Thank you to Kinson Primary School for taking part in the Time Capsule competition and being such wonderful guests. We hope that they visit us again soon!