The Next Generation

Fairmile Grange care home in Christchurch has boldly led an inter-generation project with the Beavers of Christchurch (the 22nd Christchurch Air Scout Group).

The creative two month project was introduced by the home to give the residents of Fairmile Grange and the children the opportunity to share, exchange and learn from each other through creative activities.

From one generation to the next

The Beavers visited the care home on the grounds of Christchurch Hospital twice a month.  The children worked together with residents to explore different themes, such as gardening, animals and pets and cooking.  The activities included creating flower compositions; making bird feeders; and baking using vintage and natural ingredients from the garden, followed by blindfold food tasting!

The creative activities helped to forge some lovely friendships between residents and the children.  They also provided a rich exchange of fun and learning.  Residents at Fairmile Grange thoroughly enjoyed the children’s visits and the energy that they brought to the home.

The project was completed with a celebration garden party, which was enjoyed by everyone!  The Beavers presented beautiful pictures of the projects to the residents so that the home can display them proudly. The Beavers also received their badges in an awards ceremony, which was celebrated with a garden party and funfair-inspired games.

It is hoped that the project will therefore serve as a pilot to further extensive research regarding inter-generational and creative work in care homes.