The Hamble Heights Coat of Arms

A fantastic activity organised by Vanessa, the Activities Coordinator, has not only encouraged fantastic involvement and enjoyment for the residents but it has also resulted in Hamble Heights creating its very own Coat of Arms AND receiving an Award from Ladder to the Moon….!

Working with the carers and residents on each floor, Vanessa, the Activities Coordinator, spoke to every resident to ask them about what they liked most about living at Hamble Heights.  Each floor came up with their own design for the Hamble Heights coat of arms; incorporating elements that meant something important to residents, such as hearts to signify care, cherry trees and the river.

The five coat of arms designs were displayed in reception and residents, families, friends and staff were asked to vote for their favourite design.

Vanessa won an Award from Ladder to the Moon for showing exceptional creativity and leadership.  Well done, Vanessa!  She said, “Many of the residents got a great deal of joy and pleasure from this activity so I’m just glad I could help them do that.  As I walked around the floors to see how everyone was getting on you could see and feel the enjoyment and excitement amongst everyone on this project.”

It was a wonderful project and enjoyed by everyone.  Here are all the other fantastic designs…

Keep a look out here to see the winning design made from wood and mounted on the wall to become Hamble Heights’ official coat of arms!