encore staff party

Last of the summer time…

We weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to summer…so Hamble Heights had an indoor beach afternoon!  We didn’t hold back and embraced the tastes, sounds, smells and textures of being on holiday by the sea.

Balloon Animals!

Well who doesn’t love a good game with a balloon?!  Ju Ju, the resident West Highland puppy at Hamble Heights, enjoyed plenty of fun with the balloons at the recent National Care Home Open Day…

Perfect Day

Our continued goal at Hamble Heights is to make every day the PERFECT day for our residents.  As such, on Wednesday 2nd March, we are creating the Perfect Day for each and every resident by making their idea of a the greatest day come true.

Clowning Around

Activities Coordinator, Vanessa, has been ‘clowning around’ at Hamble Heights, bringing lots of smiles to our residents’ faces….

Seeing Red!

Friday 5th February is National Wear It. Beat It. Day in aid of the British Heart Foundation to raise awareness of the fact that heart and circulatory disease takes the lives of more than 400 people in the UK each day.

Oh yes they did!

The team’s pantomime of Snow White and the 8 Dwarfs Go to the Ball was a super-success yesterday afternoon!  The ‘mash-up’ stories of Snow White and Cinderella were combined to produce a show-stopping performance, which everyone enjoyed – from the residents and their families, to the cast and staff of Hamble Heights!


Penny for the Guy?

Remember remember The 5th of November The residents built Guy So please do drop on by And fill up ou...


Pumpkin Power!

There were spooky goings-on at Hamble Heights last weekend when this Lollypop Pumpkin appeared in reception….!


Indoor Summer Garden Party!

We certainly weren’t going to let the unpredictable British weather spoil our Garden Party last weekend – bringing the fun and frolics of the fair into the home!