Story Telling Cafe

Our award winning Activities Coordinator, Vanessa, created a Story Telling Café this week for residents.  She wrote a short story to reflect some of the Ladder to the Moon activity boxes that our residents have enjoyed doing over the last few months…

Vanessa and the care team acted out the story, which encompassed elements of the activities that residents could reminisce over and enjoy.

The Hamble Heights’ tale from the Story Telling Café:

There once was a place far far away called Hamble Heights. It was surrounded by rural fields where sheep, horses and cows grazed.  It was a big piece of land and had many bird feeders.  The perfect place to listen to music in the warmth and watch the wildlife through the window.

The people that lived there had wonderful social events to attend.  One afternoon the postman arrived with invitations to a Victorian Music Hall.

The residents of Hamble Heights were very excited by the prestigious invite.  They sat down together drinking tea and discussed what traditional national costumes that they would wear from around the world.

The evening of expectation finally arrived…

On the way, they passed a protest of people rebelling about where the town’s Coat of Arms would be displayed proudly.  They also came across children flying kites.

The residents lit the way through the dark, gloomy streets with their glowing lanterns until they entered the Victorian Music Hall.

Folks were dressed in the finest gowns and music filled the room as photographs were taken of this spectacular event.

Entertainment was provide with a pantomime, which was full of fun and laughter.

Drinking some delicious cocktails, the residents relaxed, danced till their hearts content and had an amazing time.