Revolutionary dementia experience at Encore Care Homes

This revolutionary dementia experience enables people to experience and increase their understanding of the behaviours of those with dementia; helping them to communicate and connect better with them.

During the session, each person is fitted with a full jumpsuit, which has been designed to make the participant experience the physical and sensory hindrances of older age.

This complimentary training from Encore was very well-received by the attendees. Rachel Dryden, chief executive officer of Encore, said: “We held sessions at our two Dorset nursing homes earlier this month and were joined by a range of healthcare professionals, who found the course incredibly insightful and valuable.

As a care provider, we see it as our obligation to discover new ways to raise awareness of dementia and the impact it has on a person’s life and their loved ones. Ultimately, the only way to comprehend the effects of dementia is to experience it first-hand.”

For more information and to register your interest for the next Dementia Champions Training at Great Oaks and Fairmile Grange, please visit the events pages on our websites: