Name that Chick-Flick!

We’d like our residents and their friends and families to enter a competition to help us name the Hamble Heights chicks after famous actresses from the movies…!

We have 5 female chicks and they all need names!  The best names will be chosen by our panel of film-fanatics (i.e. Michelle and her team) and we will announce the winning names shortly!

Think about your favourite films – whether a black and white classic, or a modern-day masterpiece – and pick the name of an actress for the newest members of Hamble Heights….the Easter chicks!

If you would like to suggest a name for a chick, please take a form from Reception and enter the name of your chosen actress and hand your entry back to Emma at Reception. The winners will see their chosen name in lights (…or in the form of a fluffy yellow chicken).

Quick!…name that chick!

Enter by Friday 1st May.