Living with Dementia Seminar

Fairmile Grange welcomes Terry Eccott on Tuesday 30th May.  He will be giving a presentation on Living with Dementia first-hand…

2013 – the journey with dementia begins

Terry Eccott was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia on 2nd April 2013.  Since then, Terry has been sharing his experiences through his presentation in hospitals and welcome days for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Terry started filming a documentary called Eclipse of the Mind. It follows Terry and his family from the beginning, to the end of his journey with the condition.  Furthermore, he also conducted regular local radio station interviews to raise awareness.

2014 – Eclipse of the Mind

During 2014, Terry continued delivering presentations, welcome days and fundraising.  Additionally, his work with Dementia Friends developed into the Dementia Friendly High Streets Campaign.  Not long after, his home town of Alton became the first Dementia Friendly Town in East Hampshire.

Eclipse of the Mind (part one) premiered on 7th November, Terry’s birthday, in front of two hundred people.  It received a four minute standing ovation.  Four days later, Eclipse of the Mind achieved a top five placing in the National Dementia Care Awards in Brighton.

2015 – Journey into the Unknown

In 2015, Terry continued his fundraising work and joined forces with Breeze Radio in Basingstoke.  They made a short documentary about Terry and his family embracing life with the illness.  It was entitled Journey into the Unknown, which was awarded runner-up in the Independent Radio Awards.

Terry continued with his presentations all around the country; Winchester, London, Eastbourne, to name just a few.  He represented the Alzheimer’s Society in parliament an at APPG enquiry on living with the condition and other comorbidities in November.  He finished the year taking part in filming work for Text Santa.

2016 – a visit to parliament

In 2016, Terry delivered more presentations and welcome days, as well as filming work for Comic/Sports Relief with his teenage daughter, Sara.  He also appeared once more in parliament with the opening speech for the launch of the APPG Report on Dementia and other comorbidities.  Whats more, he received further recognition on ITV News with Jeremy Hughes when he launched National Dementia Week.

2017 – forthcoming projects

2017 sees Terry’s continued work with welcome days presentations in London for the Alzheimer’s Society.  He expressed feeling very privileged and honoured to have been one of the main speakers at the International Dementia Conference in Plymouth on March 16th.  Moreover, Terry has also been asked to be part of the Dementia Friendly London Campaign Team, with the mission to make London the first Dementia Friendly City in the world.

Terry is visiting Fairmile Grange.  Come and hear about his journey….

SESSION 1 will take place for residents, families and the Fairmile Grange team, 2-3 pm (please arrive at 1.45 pm).  SESSION 2 will take place for local professionals, 6.30-7.30 pm (please arrive at 6.15 pm).

To book your place, please contact Nikki Toomer, Home Admissions Advisor: [email protected] Tel : 07787 200 048