Little Donkey

Last week the residents and staff of Hamble Heights welcomed very special guest, Mr Kipling, a miniature donkey….

Measuring no more than 32 inches in height and sporting some fabulous trainer shoes from Build-a-Bear Workshop, Mr Kipling’s arrival brought smiles to everyone’s faces!

Mr Kipling, who will celebrate his first birthday next month, was brought along by Pony Pals.  The company provide therapeutic sessions with the elderly and help to unlock memories for those living with dementia.

Mr Kipling spent quality time with residents in the lounge and even offered ‘room service’ to those who were unable to make it to the lounge. Delighting residents and staff alike, we have now had the privilege of meeting Mr Cheddar (a miniature Shetland Pony) and Mr Kipling from Pony Pals.  We’re excited about which miniature pony will visit us next!

Pony Pals has been providing its pony petting services to care homes for 5 years. Home Manager, Michelle Newcombe said, “It was wonderful to see residents visibly light up with Mr Kipling. It has made a real difference to their day and seeing them smile and interact with the donkey has been truly uplifting.”