Lily the PAT dog

Lily the PAT (Pets As Therapy) dog visited Hamble Heights today to provide some much-needed cuddles with residents!

Lily the Golden Retriever is being entered for consideration in Cruft’s PAT Dog of the Year 2016/2017 competition.  As well as visiting our residents at Hamble Heights, Lily also works with children in the Read2Dogs Programme.  Research shows that just like adults, children can also become stressed and nervous when speaking to a group.  PAT dogs give children confidence to read stories out loud. They provide comfort, encouragement and improve social behaviours.  Pets As Therapy also enhance children’s self-esteem and inspire them to have fun whilst reading.

We love Lily at Hamble Heights – she’s a regular visitor at our home.  We visibly see our residents’ faces light up when they see her coming!  She spent time today with every resident who wanted to stroke or pet Lily.  She is the perfect example of why we call canines “man’s best friend”!  Lily’s wonderfully friendly temperament makes her the ideal PAT dog for our residents.  The team at Hamble Heights are also in love with her.

We really hope Lily receives the recognition she deserves in the Cruft’s PAT Dog of the Year 2016/2017 competition…  Best of luck from all of us at Hamble Heights, Lily!