In Loving Memory

We had a moving yet uplifting Memorial Service yesterday at Hamble Heights in memory of those residents that we have lost in the last year…


Claire, our local Methodist Minister, led a beautiful service on the Lower Ground floor.  Fifty or so relatives and friends joined us to represent their loved ones that had passed. The names of those that we have lost were read out during the service and relatives lit a candle for them in loving memory.


A Celebration

The remembrance service was a heart-warming celebration for loved ones. There was time afterwards for drinks and light bites, where our care team enjoyed catching up with families.  We thought it was a truly lovely day for relatives to get together and reminisce with stories of their loved ones and their time at Hamble Heights.  It was also an opportunity for our guests to talk to those again that looked after their relatives and share stories.


It was a very special day and we would like to thank all those who attended and shared their memory.