Hospital patients transferred to Encore Care Homes praise care staff

We have received some really positive feedback from the Dorset hospital patients that have been transferred to our care homes for specialist care.

Working in partnership with the NHS

Through our partnership with the NHS, we have been welcoming non-Covid hospital admissions, after receiving a negative Covid test result, for temporary care to reduce the pressure on hospital staff as coronavirus patient numbers rise.

Strict Covid-19 protocols are in place with all incoming residents being tested for Covid-19 before they arrive at the care home and once here with us, the new resident then undergoes a period of self-isolation, with the team’s support. All care home residents are tested for Covid-19 on a weekly basis, with staff accessing twice-weekly Lateral Flow rapid testing.

Speaking about the care she is receiving, Peggy Aedy, 78, who arrived at Great Oaks in January from Bournemouth Hospital, said: “I had choked on my food, which is why I went into hospital. I live by myself with the help of carers coming in three times a day. The staff at Great Oaks have been very helpful. They have got me everything I want or need. I’ve been able to speak to my daughter and my grandson, Rueben, and my daughter even came to visit me through the window at the weekend.”

Steve Lillington, 68, who arrived at Oakdale also in January from Bournemouth Hospital, said: “I had two strokes in a matter of months. I just look at life and see that other people have it worse than me right now. I’ve received fantastic care at Oakdale. I listen to the radio, I do puzzles and I can ring my daughters twice a day. My daughters both live in Poole and I have six grandchildren. I’d like to live closer to them, as I currently live in Christchurch.”

Join Care Club

We are looking to welcome 500 Dorset locals to sign up to our new not-for-profit care agency, Care Club, in support of our partnership with the NHS. A range of roles are available including Registered Nurses, Care Practitioners, Senior Healthcare Assistants (Senior HCAs), and Healthcare Assistants (HCAs), based in Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch.

Benefits for Care Club members include high rates of pay, a cash bonus of £30-60 for every full shift worked, and the flexibility of choosing the care home they wish to work at, as well as their hours. Care Club members will also be included in the rollout of vaccines across our care homes.

People who are looking for a change of career and are new to care are also encouraged to sign up to Care Club. They will be provided with an induction and full training, a ‘Buddy’ to work alongside as they get to know the role, and ongoing training support.

For more information and to apply for a role within Care Club, go to