High Commendation Awarded to Activities Coordinator!

Vanessa Duggan, our Activities Coordinator, has received a High Commendation award from Ladder to the Moon for her outstanding work!

Vanessa is already an award winning Activities Coordinator.  At The Great British Care Awards, Vanessa was presented with the award for Best Activities Coordinator for the South West.  She has now been given the Certificate of High Commendation by Ladder to the Moon, the creative culture change company for the care sector.

Evidence of Outstanding Activities Competition

The certificate is for Evidence of Outstanding Activities Competition. Vanessa received High Commendation from the selection panel.  The judges commended Vanessa’s entry for her demonstrable ability to involve colleagues and for building the wider home community.

Vanessa’s entry was a painting on canvas inspired by the Winter Arts Box, as well as a vibrant fish ‘n’ chips event.  However, the Ladder to the Moon representative said that it was her entry using the Westerns box that clearly demonstrated playfulness, wide reaching engagement and a polished end product.

Vanessa commented, “The result was fabulous!  The activity involved so many residents, family members and staff. They dressed up as Cowboys and Indians in order to enjoy a showdown and have fun with props. I asked staff to dress up as can-can dancers. Furthermore, to put on a little dance for the residents! We did this on all four floors of the care home. Hence we got as many people involved as possible – including our home cat! We made an A3 size comic about the event for all to read and look at the pictures.”

Ladder to the Moon sent Vanessa a Certificate of Commendation and a special Ladder pin for her outstanding work.