Happy New Year from all at Fairmile Grange!

The evening was organised by the Fairmile Grange care team, who invited local singer and musician, Mike Sidaway, to perform a variety of upbeat classics for us all to enjoy. The songs Mike sang were particularly enjoyed by two of our residents, Maureen and Ursula, who danced the night away and showed everyone how it is done.

It was lovely for us all to be together and reminisce about the wonderful events and activities we experienced in 2018, including the royal celebration we held for the Queen’s 92nd birthday and our bonfire night party.

Our residents also enjoyed reflecting on all the new friends they made in 2018, including the owls who swooped in and proved how beneficial pet therapy is, as well as the 3rd Jumpers Scouts Christchurch group who recently visited us at Christmas.

Kim Butters, wellbeing manager of Fairmile Grange, has said it is her New Year’s goal to continue to plan more fun and entertaining events in 2019 which can be enjoyed by all of our residents.

We would like to say big thank you to all those who have been part of our 2018 experience at Fairmile Grange and we wish you all a very Happy New Year.