Green-Fingered Guest at Great Oaks

Alasdair Urquhart, in-house plant expert at Haskins Garden Centres, visited the residents of Great Oaks to give an informal presentation on the benefits that plants can bring. Alasdair explained to the residents that adding houseplants to a room is a simple yet effective way to boost physical and mental wellbeing.  The garden centre donated a range of houseplants for residents, including Areca Palm and Boston Fern, which Alasdair explained were dementia friendly plants and safe to touch, smell and even eat.  He also brought along a Peace Lilly and Dumb Cane; all of which help to purify the air and eliminate any volatile organic compounds.

Residents and families took the chance to ask the expert plant-care related questions.  The group reminisced about their gardens from the past and what flora and fauna they used to grow.  The landscaped garden at Great Oaks features raised vegetable patches and flower beds.  The design of these allows residents the opportunity to continue to enjoy gardening.

Ian MacDonald, Home Manager of Great Oaks, said,

“It was fantastic to have Alasdair from Haskins visit and we are incredibly grateful for his donation of house plants for our residents and families.  We are looking forward to the spring time when we will be planting a range of vegetables and herbs in our garden, which we intend to harvest and take to the kitchen so that our residents can enjoy home-grown, organic produce!”

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