Great Oaks resident praises ‘wonderful’ carers as she talks about residential care services

One of our lovely Great Oaks residents has spoken about making friends at the care home and keeping the same routines as she had at home with the help of our care team.

Margaret Newbold, 83, moved to Great Oaks, our care home in Bournemouth around three years ago following a hospital stay due to having Ulcerative Colitis. Margaret said that she can do many things for herself including washing, dressing, making the bed, and some light gardening, which enabled her to win the recent Great Oaks Patio Garden Competition.

She also enjoys crosswords, writing poetry, listening to music, and has made many friends, including being reunited with her long-time friend of 20 years, Marilyn, who moved into the care home last year, as well as fellow resident, Beryl, and Margaret’s neighbour, George.

Close friends for 25 years Margaret Newbold and Marilyn Atwill both now call Encore’s Great Oaks in Bournemouth their home

The residential care services that we offer provide individuals with the opportunity to live life well in the way that they choose, in a comfortable and reassuring environment that caters for all their wants and needs.

The move to Great Oaks has improved Margaret’s life by having the care team on-hand to help with everyday tasks such as cooking her meals, negating the need to go grocery shopping as she says that she can no longer walk to the shops or drive due to ill-health.

Margaret said: “The carers are wonderful. I cannot fault them. They do anything they can to help you. I can’t say enough for them. They’re lovely girls and they work hard. Maggie, the care home manager, has been very good to me and she’s helped me a lot. If I have a problem, she’ll come round to see me. I know that if I go to her, she’ll sort it.

“I couldn’t cope on my own anymore, as it was getting too much for me. My bungalow was too big, and I loved it when I was there, but I didn’t shed any tears when I left it because I knew it was the end of an era for me. Not having that worry anymore has been a great help.”

Margaret has continued the same routine as she had at home, having breakfast and a newspaper delivered to her room at the same time each day.

“In the morning I go down to fill up my water bottle and take my breakfast tray back. I go round to see my friend, Marilyn, because I take her the paper and then in the afternoon, after lunch, I’ll have a little walk around inside, come back and might have a sit out on the patio if it’s nice. It’s a lovely home.”

All of our care homes are now welcoming new residents to receive residential care with 24/7 support available. Visit our residential care services page for more information.