Dancing Queen Vera feels the rhythm at Fairmile Grange

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Our lovely resident, Vera Fear, has put a smile on the faces of everyone by showing them how to get down on the dancefloor, as part of her daily exercise routine.

Vera, a former Land Girl during the Second World War, regularly performs with the care team, showing that she still knows how to dance at her age. Known affectionately by fellow residents, as the ‘Dancing Queen’ due to her fondness for music and of course, the band ABBA.

Music is therapeutic for Vera and never fails to lift her mood and wellbeing. This in turn creates a positive and fun atmosphere that brightens the lives of fellow residents and the care team.

Kim Butters, Wellbeing Manager at Fairmile Grange said: “We know that she’s always loved music, especially up-tempo songs that she can dance along with. Vera hasn’t got a favourite type of music as long, as it’s cheerful and upbeat. Especially ABBA and upbeat songs by Doris Day. We call her the Dancing Queen and she makes all the residents on the floor happy.

If ever she’s feeling a bit down, we put on the music and she’ll be up and dancing within minutes, she just can’t help but get up and dance! Vera doesn’t need any help or encouragement to dance and wants to do it by herself. It’s like she’s really feeling it and it just visibly changes her mood.”

During the lockdown, Fairmile Grange has enjoyed a variety of ‘socially-distanced’ entertainers performing in the communal gardens and via video-calls.

Kim added: “When we had entertainers and singers in the home, Vera will dance solidly for the whole hour non-stop. Vera is always smiling and very confident. Vera has enjoyed dancing on the balcony, dancing along you YouTube videos on the lounge TV and often has a dance with her breakfast! It completely transforms her mood.”

Cecilia Thomson, Home Manager for Fairmile Grange, said: “We know that dancing is proven to improve mood, is good for physical wellbeing and also helps to bring the care team and residents together. Music and dance is important to Vera and all our residents, they’ve literally been singing and dancing through lockdown! It allows her to express herself individually, interact in a different way with other residents and team and of course have fun.”

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