A ‘Knight’ to Remember

Unfortunately she and her husband were unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, so she got in touch with us at Great Oaks in the hope to gift her tickets to somebody deserving, where it would make a big positive difference – whether it was a resident or a carer. She even offered to cover the special delivery postage to make sure the tickets reached us in time.

We were over the moon to receive such a generous offer from a stranger – and our resident Jean jumped at the chance to watch Beverley Knight live!

Wellbeing manager Michele accompanied Jean and they had the most amazing evening. It was a fantastic show. They enjoyed a glass of wine together too and Michele said she felt incredibly privileged to be able to take a resident to such a wonderful performance. They stayed until the very end!

Jean absolutely LOVED it. What a night and what an experience for one of our residents. Thank you so much again Becky for such a thoughtful and kind gift.