There is more to dementia than memory loss

The condition is multi-layered and can take different forms. It can severely affect vision, hearing and touch. As such, it can create a world of confusion, anxiety and fear. The only way to truly understand the affects of dementia is to experience it for yourself.

As a dementia resource for the community and host of the Virtual Dementia Tour, we are offering a select few the opportunity to take part in a brand new interactive dementia training that takes the experience to the next level…

The Dementia Champions Suits Training is a fully immersive experience that transports you into the world of someone living with dementia. It will open your eyes to the difficulties of everyday life that someone faces. Take part in an experience than enables relatives, friends and healthcare professionals to better understand the behaviours of those with dementia; helping them to communicate and connect with them.

To register your interest for future events, please use the form below.

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