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Hilton Bournemouth donates food to Encore care homes

The residents at our Encore care homes were delighted to receive food donated by Hilton Bournemouth ...


Six reasons to take vitamin C

Many of us will reach for the vitamin C if we’ve caught a cold, or want to avoid getting one. But no...

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Six of the healthiest foods in the world

Learning to cook and prepare healthy foods doesn’t just taste great, it’s also the key to warding of...

Close up of elderly couple holding hands and walking outdoors. Rear view of man and woman holding hands of each other while walking outdoors.

Five sneaky ways to improve your partner’s health without them even realising

Do you constantly worry about how your partner’s lifestyle choices may be affecting their health? Yo...

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Five ways to avoid getting struck by norovirus this winter

If there’s one thing you really don’t want at the beginning of the year, it’s a bout of norovirus. C...