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Residential Nursing & Dementia Care, Christchurch

Close up of elderly couple holding hands and walking outdoors. Rear view of man and woman holding hands of each other while walking outdoors.

Five sneaky ways to improve your partner’s health without them even realising

Do you constantly worry about how your partner’s lifestyle choices may be affecting their health? Yo...

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Five ways to keep your grey hair looking healthy

Stroll down the hair aisle at any chemist and you’ll see box after box of dye stamped with the words...

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Five ways to avoid getting struck by norovirus this winter

If there’s one thing you really don’t want at the beginning of the year, it’s a bout of norovirus. C...


Be an Effective Leader!

  The staff from Hamble Heights, Great Oaks Bournemouth and Fairmile Grange delivered their end...


Residents at Fairmile Grange care home had an egg-cellent Easter

To celebrate Easter weekend, our residents of Fairmile Grange were extremely egg-cited to participat...


Award Winner for ‘Top 20 Recommended Care Homes 2018’

Fairmile Grange care home in Christchurch as received the award for ‘Top 20 Rec...


The Next Generation

Fairmile Grange care home in Christchurch has boldly led an inter-generation project with the Beavers of Christchurch (the 22nd Christchurch Air Scout Group).

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