Together, making moments matter

Now more than ever, we need to make sure we are staying strong and looking after ourselves, as well as others. When you are busy at work, experiencing new feelings or situations, as well as managing home life, it doesn’t always feel possible to take care of yourself too. But even doing small things for yourself can make a big difference to your mental wellbeing.

During the week of 22-26 June, Encore Care Homes celebrated Wellbeing Week across the group. We recognised and provided additional support to our teams on key topics including social, emotional and financial via webinars, specific information and additional external support.

Throughout the week, our care teams were treated to daily acts of kindness from local businesses such as flapjacks, chocolate treats and beauty products, as well as enjoying a delicious ice cream from the Mister Whippy van who came along to all our homes at the end of the week as a bit of a surprise.

The overall aim of the Encore Care Homes Wellbeing Week was to help promote and encourage better understanding of health and wellbeing issues, which has been especially important during this current period of pandemic.

Our team have wholeheartedly embraced the week’s activities and it was lovely to be able to see everyone enjoying the favourite feel-good foods. Encore Care Homes are strong believers that we must never lose sight of the health and wellbeing of our care team and helping them feel positive, supported and valued is part of our duty not just during Wellbeing Week but every day.

We have never had a greater sense of pride of working in the social care sector and the privilege of looking after our residents. As an organisation we are fully committed to ensuring that every team member is fully supported and we provide access to emotional, financial, mental and wellbeing support.

We are already looking forward to implementing the more day to day support across our teams over the coming week.