Care Club

Join our exclusive Care Club and earn a Shift Bonus of up to £60 for every additional full shift

We know that receiving care from permanent team members is best for our residents. It provides them with high standards of care, stability, familiarity, and consequently, they feel more at home.  

Therefore, we have launched the CARE CLUB to give you the chance to not only grab extra shifts that suit you within any of our care homes, but to also be rewarded for doing so.  

For every additional shift you work, over and above your contracted hours, you will earn:

You earn more money, and our residents receive the best care and companionship!

How does it work?

Each week, we will contact you with a list of shifts available across all our homes.
Simply choose the shifts that suit you! It could be where you work today, or if you like, can be in any of our homes – giving you more choice and a chance to find a shift that works for you.

Alternatively, you can log in to Planday from the browser on any computer, or via the Planday app on your mobile phone. You can view all the available shifts that are up for grabs and request the ones that you would like to work!

Go to ‘Overview’, click on the ‘Open shifts’, select the shift that you would like to work, and ‘Request shift’. It is quick and simple! You will receive notification when your shift request has been accepted.

How will I be paid?

Once you have completed it, you will not only be paid for your shift, but you will also receive a cash bonus. All of which is paid into your bank account with your normal wages at the end of each month.

The more additional shifts you volunteer to take on, the more opportunities you will have to earn extra money, which in turn, will boost your career development and progression.

Will I be paid travel expenses?

Knowing you possess the Encore work ethos and family values, we would much rather ‘keep it in the Encore family’ and have our own staff take extra shifts to look after our residents. Therefore, if you take an extra shift at one of our other care homes that is not your permanent base, we will also pay your mileage at 25p per mile.

For more information, email:

or speak to HR on: 01202 531 635

*Shift Bonuses are over and above your contracted hours. Subject to normal tax and deductions.
The payment for bonuses from the Care Club will be paid 1 month in arears and will be paid monthly on your usual pay date.