We design, build and operate our own care homes – run by the worthiest and kindest professionals in care. We strive for outstanding in everything we do and build strong, innovative partnerships with NHS healthcare experts to ensure we remain at the forefront of clinical excellence and provide the highest standards of care.

The most important part of an Encore home is its residents.

Be yourself

Our purpose at Encore is to enrich the lives of residents by offering a place of safety, care and companionship.

No two people are the same and our distinctive and responsive individual care plans reflect the outstanding personalised care that Encore gives its residents.

Be inspired

Truly personalised care starts with really knowing someone – their past and their present.  At Encore, a resident’s footprints do not fade – we simply make new ones together.

Encore provides exceptional expert care in all five types of senior care needs; dementia, nursing, residential, respite and palliative care.

"The care my mother received was exemplary - it was personal, thoughtful and above all, recognised the person that she had been, as well as the person that she had become."

(Thomas, son of Encore resident)

We want our residents to flourish both within the home and outside – and we encourage them to thrive with:

Stimulating activities that involve and engage residents

Physical activities that improve health and wellbeing

Social events that involve residents, their families, and the local community

Enjoyable and interesting visits out and about the home

Nutritional, appetising meals – including their personal favourite dishes!

Personal onetoone time with each resident

We are steadfast in our pledge to give residents an environment in which they feel reassured, comfortable and greeted with companionship every day.  Our care encompasses getting to know them as a person, as well as caring for their nursing needs.  Every resident has a past and present – at Encore, the care team gets to know and understand each resident individually in order to provide them with the personalised care that they deserve.

“The welcome is always warm and friendly.”

(Sharon, daughter of Encore resident)

Dignity and respect are at the heart of Encore

Our living values guide how every member of the Encore team delivers care each day. Seven principles that define our culture and measures by which we judge ourselves.


We recognise that no two people are the same.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and cared for in their home. Our distinctive and responsive individual care plans reflect not only their care needs but each person’s unique character and preferences.


Our care radiates wider than our residents.

We reach out to offer comfort and support to their loved ones too. Our doors are always open to listen to any concerns from families and friends and to give them complete peace of mind. We also offer relatives specialist training in understanding dementia.


We only employ the kindest professionals in care.

We recruit, train, reward and retain the worthiest healthcare experts. We provide an effective service that always considers the wishes and choices of residents and ensures they are front of mind at all time. Dignity and respect are at the heart of our care culture. It filters all the way through an Encore home – from the management and the care team, to the support services.


We focus on creating new, homely places to live.

We design and purpose-build our own homes to ensure they are beautiful and comfortable to both live and work in, as well as delivering absolute efficiency to run and maintain. We pride ourselves on positively achieving the difference between being a home and being homely.  From the building’s architecture to the welcoming and warm décor; every touch in the home is designed with the greatest care and attention to make every resident feel truly at home.


We strive for outstanding in everything we do.

From the welcoming ambiance and our compassionate nature, to the top care professionals and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. To achieve excellence and lead in best practice, we believe in the proof of effectiveness and building strong, innovative partnerships with healthcare experts to ensure we remain at the forefront of the latest industry advancements.


We liken the community to our extended family.

We work closely with local groups and healthcare professionals; opening our doors and facilities to them. An Encore home is a dementia resource for everyone in the local area. We endeavour to entwine our passion to care for others, with helping the local community.


We are devoted to helping our residents to flourish.

Delicious, nutritious home-cooked food, friendly happy faces and endless enthusiasm within the home, helps to create the good energy that heartens residents to look forward to every new day.  No one loses the ability to feel.  We are there at all times to reassure and help celebrate with our residents – sometimes all any of us need is a hug from a friend, after all.